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Amaj Darman

This project is located 20 km northeast of Tehran in Pardis Technology Park. One of the policies to build the park was to represent the architectural values. For this purpose, a list of architects was available to employers to choose their ideal designers.

The function of this building is office and calibration laboratory of the operating room equipment and it is located in the medical zone of the park. The ground floor is dedicated to laboratory, storage, parking and facilities. The administrative activities are taken place on the first floor and second floor mezzanine. The access to first floor is provided with a ramp to avoid stair vertical movement, in a way that the first floor converts to the ground floor level. The ramp movement on the elevation creates a dynamism in the main volume and makes influence on it. Plus, the movement also continues to interior spaces. The form of this building is understood by moving on the interior and exterior ramps and it perceives other senses in addition to vision. As well as the visual composition of the forms, things such as displacement, replacement, and distortion of forms have taken place that involve the mind instead of the senses. The movement of the body in the façade and inside the building is part of the project and emphasizes its vibrant form.

Damavand, Iran 2009

TYPOLOGY: OFFICE Client: Farshad Asghazadeh STATUS: COMPLETED SIZE: 400 M2

Fersown villa

 Ferdows villa is located in the coastal town of Ferdows near Royan city at Mazandaran province. The Caspian Sea on the north and the Royan Forest on the south surround this small town. Moreover, a local park on the northeast side and lush mountains in distance provide good views and green perspectives for this property. At some certain heights, there are remarkable scenery and mastery over the pleasant spaces of the adjacent park.

Following the existing potentials of the land, we changed the initial scheme of the project. Instead of building a four-bedroom villa on two floors, we distributed the program in different levels. As a result, the two floors broke into several slabs, which each positioned based on the spatial conditions, the view and perspective. A vertical void with a staircase in between stiches all these slabs together as a whole. Moreover, this transparent vertical opening creates the sea-forest connection of the Ferdows town symbolically by connecting an old tree in the southern courtyard with a longitudinal pool in the northern courtyard.






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